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Trading Sheds 

Society Members are able to purchase from both the Ally Pally and Shepherd’s Hill Allotment Sites. Membership is open to all allotment plotholders in Haringey as well as local gardeners and is only £2 a year.


The Trading Sheds are open for sales and membership payments on Sundays.


Members can buy a wide variety of garden products, including many items that are difficult to source from ordinary garden centres, often at a significantly lower price. Look at the Price Lists
 to see what you can buy at the Trading Shed on your site. Many items can be bought by weight so that you purchase the amount you want.  We also stock seasonal items such as onion sets and seed potatoes (see 'new stock' for details of these). 


The Trading Sheds are staffed by volunteers and are open for two hours each Sunday in the spring, summer and autumn and an hour in the winter but not every Sunday.  Click here for opening hours, including winter dates.


Spare site padlock keys can also be purchased by plot-holders at the Shepherds Hill Trading Shed (for Ally Pally, contact the Site Secretary).


Trading Sheds are located at the next to the car park at the Montenotte Road entrance at Shepherds Hill and next to the car park at the top of the Alexandra Palace allotment site.