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 Alexandra Palace and Shepherds Hill Allotments

Trading Sheds 

The Trading Sheds sell a selection of horticultural supplies and seed at competitive prices; profits support CHADAHS activities such as the annual show and outings

Horticultural supplies are delivered three times a year (Feb, April, June). Pre paid individual orders for particular items from our main supplier can be arranged; a product list is available in each shed.

Please contact Lynn Malloy, Trading Manager for Shepards Hill (plot75b) or Peter Campbell for Alexandra Palace site if you wish to place an order to coordinate with one of the three deliveries.

Annual membership of CHADAHS is £2.00 due at the beginning of each year

Prices do change through out the year (up and down) and will be amended as necessary  

All enquiries to Lynn Malloy, Trading Manager

CHADAHS Trading Sheds

Alexandra Palace and Shepherds Hill Allotments

Price List 


Composts and Compost Ingredients

Clover Wonder Grow Compost 70L



Multi purpose, reduced peat content


New Horizon

Multipurpose compost





Peat free. Made from recycled material of UK origin                                                                        Organic

Clover Multipurpose

compost 75L



Contains peat



A complete growing medium

John Innes composts; seed and cutting,

1, 2 & 3




Loam (soil) based, plus peat & nutrients.
’Seed and Cutting’ for sowing seed, pricking out seedlings, rooting cuttings

No. 1 for pricking out seedlings and rooted cuttings

No. 2 for potting on young plants
No. 3 for final re-potting of mature plants


4 mm Horticultural Grit

£6.25/ 22k



Fine potting grit

£5.55/ 22kg



Sharp Sand

£4.75 22kg








Use as for perlite above, plus use in propagation as a seed covering, particularly seeds which require light to germinate

Fertilisers and Soil Improvers

N=nitrogen, P=phosphorus, K=potassium, Ca=calcium



Slow release phosphate fertiliser. NPK 3:5:20 Promotes root growth.

Calcified seaweed



Very slow release Ca, some magnesium, many trace minerals. Beneficial to cabbages and other brassicas. Use in wormeries and compost heaps to correct high acidity

Fish, blood & bone meal


Slow release spring fertiliser which should not cause root ‘burn’. NPK 5:5:6.5



General purpose fertiliser, economical, plated. NPK 7:7:7




Composted and heat treated poultry litter; includes wood shavings. A concentrated, fibrous, weed free fertiliser that also conditions the soil and breaks down clay. NPK 5.5:3.5:3

Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers

Blended Stable Manure 40L






Provides Calcium without raising pH. Excellent conditioner for heavy clay soils making the soil easier to work. Apply at 250 – 500g per sq metre

Hoof and Horn


Slow release Nitrogen fertiliser. NPK 12:0:0

Garden Lime


Neutralises excess acidity in the soil. Helps break up clay soils and is good for the cabbage family


Original Seaweed Extract568ml/1 pint



Liquid seaweed extract supplying minerals and trace elements that stimulate growth. Good for vegetables and flowers.  

Soil Association Approved




Ammonium nitrate plus lime. Provides Nitrogen while avoiding the acidity that can be caused by sulphate of ammonia, and no effect on earthworms. Top dress at 70g per sq m avoiding direct contact with plant leaves

Epsom Salts

10% Magnesium Sulphate


Use to correct magnesium deficiency in the soil. Can be used as a foliar feed

Potato fertiliser


Special purpose fertiliser for potatoes    NPK 6:10:10

Sulphate of ammonia


High N for good leaf production. Quick acting but lasts only 6-8 weeks. Can cause acidity and reduce earthworms. Use during growing season NPK 21:0:0

Sulphate of potash


Potassium for fruit and flower production. Quick acting but lasts only 6-8 weeks. NPK 0:0:48

Super phosphate


High P and gives good root formation, but can cause acidity and reduce earthworms.

Tomato fertiliser 1L Maxicrop plus



Seaweed based feed for tomatoes & prolific flowers, hanging baskets and containers


Canes 4, 5, 6, 8 foot

22p, 23p, 28p, 40p


Cane caps per 10



Compost activator


A powder of bacteria and nutrients which helps the compost heap to rot down

Draper tying wire 50m


Plastic coated wire

Enviromesh 2.10m wide


£2.30/per metre

Excellent, non chemical insect control against carrot root fly, cabbage root fly, leek moth, Allium leaf miner.

Fleece; 17g & 2m wide

35p/per metre

Permeable to light and water, creating a micro climate which is ideal for early growth.

Ground cover 1m wide

75p/per metre

UV life expectancy 5 years. Excellent water permeability. Use as a weed barrier.


£5.50/per pack

Use to join canes to build a frame to support protective enviromesh/netting/fleece.   

3 ply natural Jute twine



Gloves;  Rigger style


Heavy weight

Gloves; Briers all rounder



Netting for peas & beans



Support for climbers

Netting, black, 4 metres wide



Protects crops from birds. Commercial quality, very long-lasting and resistant to sunlight.

Plant labels


Plastic, re-usable

Watering can



10 litre, green


14L 3.65

26L 5.30

38L 6.70

100% recycled Tubtrugs® super-heavy-duty and will last a lifetime if cared for. Frost and UV proof

Strimmer line



Green. 2.00mm. For light weight petrol (s)trimmers

Straw Bale

      £4.50/bale     £1.30/quarter bale (available in May)

Pest & disease treatments

Agralan Citrox 500ml


Use to disinfect greenhouses, tools, pots, staging

Jeyes fluid 30ml


For general disinfectant use only; not as an insecticide

Slug Pellets. Growing Success Advanced 575g



Slug killer

Organic approved

 ‘Slug Gone’ IL


An irritant to slugs, absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot. Also helps to protect against cabbage root fly


Codling moth trap



Apple maggot control. Pheromone trap catches male moths, thereby reducing egg laying. Protects up to 5 trees. Put up as trees come into blossom

Codling moth trap refills


Allows the use of the trap for another season

Bordeaux Mixture



Controls leaf mould, potato blight, rust & canker