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CHADAHS 68th Annual Show 

Saturday 9th September 2017 - HAS BEEN CANCELLED



Show Secretary: Julie Yogasundram


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2016 - The 67th Annual Show 

The 67th Annual Show for the Central Hornsey and District Allotments and Horticultural Society (CHADAHS) was held on Saturday 10th September 2016 at the Moravian Church Hall in Priory Road.


Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors

Capital Gardens Alexandra Palace Way N22
W.D. Bishop and Sons Ltd. 9 Park Road N8
But First Coffee 42 Quernmore Road N4
Cannons Fish and Chips 4-6 Park Road N8

Clocktower Store 52 The Broadway N8

Co-op 23 The Broadway N8
Crown London 24 Park Road N8
Freemans the Butchers 9 Topsfield Parade N8
Gift 14 Topsfield Parade N8
Ginger & Mint 11 Park Road N8
The Haberdashery 22 Middle Lane N8
Haelan Centre 41 The Broadway N8
Hornsey Pet and Garden 19 Park Road N8
Irvin Bar Grill 43 Topsfield Parade N8
W. Martyn 135 Muswell Hill Broadway N10

Melange 45 Topsfield Parade N8
Muddy Boots The Modern Meat Co. 29 Broadway Parade N8

Muswell Hill Bookshop 72 Fortis Green Road N10

Nest Makehouse 102 Weston Park N8

Pharmacia Naturale 1 Broadway Parade N8
Pickled Pepper Books 10 Middle Lane N8
Walter Purkis & Sons 17 The Broadway N8
Riley The Ice Cream Café 32 The Broadway N8

Rubadubdub 15 Park Road N8
Treehouse 7 Park Road N8
Windmill 98 Weston Park N8