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After numerous meetings and extensive debate by all members, the decision was taken at the 2017 AGM to close the society. This was not taken lightly, and the success of the Annual Show was recognised. However, both the Alexandra Palace and Shepherds Hill allotment sites now have their own site management committees, and run numerous activities, so that the additional work of running CHADAHS, managing its trading operation and organising the show were seen as excessive and duplicating the work of the site committees. Although the CHADAHS committee had ample members, the same members were also heavily involved in running their allotment sites.

In the case of Ally Pally, the site committee was set up in 2010, and the committee and/or plotholders now organise numerous events including a large annual Plant Sale open to the public, monthly cafes, a number of training events over the year, social activities, apple pressing days in autumn, and a Potato Day in spring.

Shepherds Hill has for many years (longer than AP) run an annual Plant Sale open to the public.

For the future, the two site committees have agreed to take turns at organising the popular annual outing..Each site will run its own Trading Shed, and Ally Pally will be continuing CHADAHS's arrangement that local gardeners are welcome to join the Trading Shed at the same membership fee as plot-holders (£2).

For the moment, a new team has not come forward to organise a new Annual Show. There was muc hsupport for the show, and many members wanted it to continue, but it needs a fresh group of people who are not so involved with managing their sites.

Click for more information about the Ally Pally allotments and about the Shepherds Hill allotments.





Welcome to the CHADAHS website

We are a society of local allotment holders (Shepherds Hill and Alexandra Palace) and gardeners.

All local gardeners in Haringey are also welcome to join the society.

As a Society of enthusiastic and passionate gardeners we have a huge range of knowledge and skills from beginners to cup-winning experts, and each September we hold an Annual Show. Our Show is one of London’s best and liveliest with hundreds of entries from local allotment growers and gardeners.

We're looking forward to keeping in touch with you, and we'd like to hear from you too.

Getting in touch is easy - just email us at: (sorry - Chadahs has closed, see front page)



The 68th Annual Show




Report of 67th Annual show 2016

The 67th annual show was a great success despite the terrible weather. It was the only day of rain in an otherwise unbroken period of dry sunshine. Even so 36 people entered items in the show with a whopping 343 individual entries. Although number of entrants was slightly down on 2015 the number of entries was up. As you can see from the photos the standard remained very high and it was wonderful to see what everyone had produced.

As usual the Show’s success was made possible by the 30 plus volunteers who worked hard both before and during the show, without them the event would be impossible. Remaining cheerful in the rain was no mean feat. 


For just £2 your annual membership gives you:

• Access to buy a wide range of items from the allotment Trading Sheds at competitive prices

• Information about Events such as our plant sales and garden visits

• Free entry as a visitor to the Annual Show

It's easy to join at our Trading Sheds.

Officers and Committee Members 

The society is managed by an annually elected committee at our AGM 

The officers and committee elected at the 2016 AGM are:

President: Mayor of Haringey
Chair: Jill Pack
Vice-Chair: Gary Sycamore
Treasurer: Kathy Riddle
Secretary: Vacancy
Show Secretary: Julie Yogasundram
Trading Managers:

Lynn Malloy (SH)

Peter Campbell (AP)

Website Content: Zoe Norfolk
Website Technical: Bob Hare
Committee: Joanne Berrett, Ian Green, Julia Grant, Sarah Fen, Chris Warham, Juliet Mann, Liane Payne, Annie Evans, Bob Hare






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